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This page is a local portal of «Wikipedia:Calendar» meta-project.

This page brings together templates for the Kaleandar of historic and memorable events of the current month that illustrate Main Page of Wikipedia in Davvisámegiella (Davvisámegiel Wikipedia).

Templates by months[rievdat wikiteavsttain]

Ođđajagimánnu * Guovvamánnu * Njukčamánnu * Cuoŋománnu * Miessemánnu * Geassemánnu * Suoidnemánnu * Borgemánnu * Čakčamánnu * Golggotmánnu * Skábmamánnu * Juovlamánnu

Current month[rievdat wikiteavsttain]

Wiki-kaleandar: geassemánnu

Čoahkkáigeassu geassemánu 20. b.

Málle:Geassemánu 20.

Riegádeamit geassemánu

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Jápmimat geassemánu[rievdat wikiteavsttain]

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