Riika THA Thaieana
Gávpot Bangkok
Viidodat 7.126 km²
Olmmošlohku 72 304[1] (2017)

Ratchathewi lea Bangkoka guovlu. Dan olmmošlohku lea 72 304 ássi, ja dan viidodat lea 7,126 km².[2]

"Bai Yok Song" (ใบหยก, "Baiyoke Tower 2")

Gáldut[rievdat | rievdat gáldu]

  1. Population and House Report for Year 2017 (see page 2 for data of this district): Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Internal Affairs. Čujuhuvvon 2018-04-01. (Search page)
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