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Bures boahtin![rediger kilde]

Hei, Michael, hávski ahte leat davvisámegielge wikpedias! Trondtr 13:29, 20 cuoŋománu 2011 (UTC).

Language researchers and/or linguist and/ or "filolog_"[rediger kilde]

Hi Michael.riessler
i like your article at "Kildin Sami incubator", about one European city.

If possible please write a similar article in Kildin Sami language and in North Sami language, saying:

"Elisabeth Scheller [and/ or Elisabeth Šeller ]
is a researcher of language, Kildin Sami language.

She is a "doktorgradsstipendiat" at "whatever department or institute" at UiT.

She has written the following books: ... .
She has written the following "vitenskapelige verk": ... . "

(If you choose to place this on my user page, then I should be able to make an article about that, on the North Sami Wikipedia and the incubator. Unless
you put the articles in place, yourself.)

If possible, any mention about her career, scientific works and other publications - in third party sources which might be wiki-notable, should probably be used as a reference in the North Sami article.
If you are in doubt whether a source is wiki-notable, then please forward the matter to the discussion page of the article (or even to my discussion page).
I would not be surprised if language research and/or publications similar to hers, if not her case, has been mentioned on occasion in major mainstream newspapers in Germany or Fenno-Scandinavia and perhaps Russia.
Servusz! Sju hav (ságastallan) skábmamánu 22 b. 2019 dii. 22.19 (UTC)Reply[svar]