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Málle:Gielddat jagi 2020

Jimmy Wales:
There is no article about him yet.

If anyone is thinking about not returning to editing this language version of wikipedia, then
consider telling someone why (and if no one else then consider if your concern is important enough to warrant contacting Jimbo Wales.)

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Ráđđehus: Sanna Marin

[Geavaheaddji:Zache/WLM-sms An_r. - Tervola]

Erna Solberga ráđđehus (Suopm_).
("More busy" with that article at "Finland-language wiki" - that,
I might be.)

Kildin Saami, vocabulary

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Virggálašgiella: Spánskkagiella
Oaivegávpot: Buenos Aires
Viidodat: 2 780 000 njealjehaskilomehtera
Ássit: 37 812 817
Ruhta: Peso

(pdf) Loan-words, Kildin.

"På bildet ser vi det som på samisk heter balsajeaggi", NRK wrote.[1]

Jápmimat 2019.

A raised bog located in Ķemeri National Park, Jūrmala, Latvia, formed approximately 10,000 years ago in the postglacial period and now a tourist attraction
Precipitation accumulates in many bogs, forming bog pools, such as Koitjärve bog in Estonia

Bog or bogland

No page in Sami (and no Wiki-data)

myr/ bog/bogland


Samisk senter for samtidskunst

Problem - infobox. Since 2019, November[rievdat | edit source]

Nauvo/ Nagu (Suomi)

Ákŋoluokta (Hasvik)

p+ . Problem - infobox. Since 2019, November[rievdat | edit source]






Ássit: (folkesetnad)[rievdat | edit source]


Oaivegávpot: Taipei

Ássit: 23 123 866 (2010)[2]

Film_[rievdat | edit source]

[1], Jikŋon II / "Frost"

Blue-link is interesting.
(If red-link, i don't have time.)

Arkhangelska guovlu? Murmansk oblast? One of the names might be wrong?[rievdat | edit source]

Ref.[rievdat | edit source]