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→‎Mayors/ ordførere: ođđa fáddá
(→‎Mayors/ ordførere: ođđa fáddá)
*[[Geavaheaddji:]].<br>[ giittus, giitosa; giitit giittán] ! [[Erenoamáš:Rievdadusat/|]] 15:43, 8 guovvamánnu 2019 (UTC)
== Mayors/ ordførere ==
i am willing to add to articles,<br>
"Former mayors include (...)" / "Tidligere ordførere inkluderer (...)".<br>
If those relevant words in Davvisam_giella, can be written in this discussion, then fine.<br>
(I am not asking for information about how I can help with infoboxes.<br>
However, a ''secondary'' priority might be for me to find relevant templates:<br>
*"Template: Update Needed".)
*"Template: Citation needed"<br>
When I expectedly will write,<br>
"Former mayors include (...)",<br>
then that (arguably) will not lead to extra work for you.<br>
<small>Other points [], one hopes to deal with in other articles (and perhaps not today).</small><br> Cheers! [[Erenoamáš:Rievdadusat/|]] 00:27, 5 njukčamánnu 2019 (UTC)
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