12 Angry Men

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1957 American drama film by Sidney Lumet

Twelve Angry Men.png

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start time: 22 borgemánnu 1957

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object has role: trailer


12 Angry Men

based on

Twelve Angry Men

main subject

capital punishment
jury trial


drama film[5][6]
trial film
Huis clos


publication date

10 cuoŋománnu 1957[7]

place of publication: Amerihká ovttastuvvan stáhtat

29 suoidnemánnu 1957

place of publication: Ruoŧŧa

4 čakčamánnu 1957

place of publication: Frankriika

10 golggotmánnu 1958

place of publication: Brasilia



Reginald Rose

cast member

Martin Balsam[7][13][11][14]

character role: Juror n.1

John Fiedler[7][13][11][14]

character role: Juror n.2

Lee J. Cobb[7][13][11][12][14]

character role: Juror n.3

E. G. Marshall[14]

character role: Juror n.4

Jack Klugman[7][13][14]

character role: Juror n.5

Edward Binns[7][13][14]

character role: Juror n.6

Jack Warden[13][14]

character role: Juror n.7

Henry Fonda[13][10][6][11][12][15][14]

character role: Juror n.8

Joseph Sweeney[13]

character role: Juror n.9

Ed Begley[13][12][14]

character role: Juror n.10

Jiří Voskovec[13][14]

character role: Juror n.11

Robert Webber[13][14]

character role: Juror n.12

Rudy Bond[13]
Billy Nelson[13]

director of photography

Boris Kaufman[16]

film editor

Carl Lerner


Kenyon Hopkins[15]


Henry Fonda
Reginald Rose



riika: Ungára

narrative location



96 minute
95 minute[17]



review score


review score by: Roger Ebert

award received

Golden Bear[19]

statement is subject of: 7th Berlin International Film Festival

point in time: 1957

Grand Prix

point in time: 1958

National Film Registry[20]

point in time: 2007

nominated for

Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama

point in time: 1957

Academy Award for Best Picture

nominee: Henry Fonda, Reginald Rose

statement is subject of: 30th Academy Awards

point in time: 1957

Golden Globe Award for Best Director

point in time: 1957

Academy Award for Best Director

nominee: Sidney Lumet

statement is subject of: 30th Academy Awards

point in time: 1957

Academy Award for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay

nominee: Reginald Rose

statement is subject of: 30th Academy Awards

point in time: 1957

BAFTA Award for Best Film

point in time: 1958

Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Feature Film

point in time: 1957

Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama

point in time: 1957

Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture

point in time: 1957


340 000 USA dollár


350 000 USA dollár[21]

CNC film rating (France)

no age restriction (U)

FSK film rating

FSK 12

has quality

fails the Bechdel Test[3][22]
title for Spain

title: Doce hombres sin piedad

title for Hispanic America

title: Doce hombres en pugna


12 Angry Men (1957 film)


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