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  • (1880–1901).svg, Flag of Afghanistan (2001–2002).svg ja Flag of Afghanistan.svg|border|95px|Leavga]] Leavga Vearjogovva Vearjogovva Kárta Presideanta Hamid Karzai
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  • Flag of Costa Rica (1823-1824).svg ja Flag of Costa Rica (1821-1823).svg|border|95px|Leavga]] Leavga Vearjogovva Kárta Kárta Oaivegávpot San José Viidodat
    3 KiB (79 words) - 00:29, 9 guovvamánnu 2014
  • Bandera del Primer Imperio Mexicano.svg ja Flag of Mexico (1864-1867).svg|border|95px|Leavga]] Leavga Vearjogovva Kárta Oaivegávpot Meksiko gávpot Viidodat
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  • svg, Flag of Venezuela (1811).svg ja Flag of Venezuela (1930–1954).svg|border|95px|Leavga]] Leavga Vearjogovva Kárta Oaivegávpot Caracas Viidodat  km²
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  • Salvador.png ja Flag of the Greater Republic of Central America (1898).svg|border|95px|Leavga]] Leavga Vearjogovva Kárta Kárta Oaivegávpot San Salvador Viidodat
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borderline personality disorder: personality disorder that involves a prolonged disturbance of personality function characterized by depth and variability of moods
border: the outer edge of something
Scottish Borders: council area of Scotland
picture frame: decorative edging for a picture, such as a painting or photograph
Dioscorea: genus of plants
boundary marker: physical marker of a (land)boundary